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Loikamania 066 – Kieron Gillen

Pat and Adam interview writer Kieron Gillen about his beginnings in the comic biz, and his background in video game journalism. We then spend some time talking about his Image Comics series, Phonogram, and move into his Marvel work on titles like SWORD, Thor, Journey into Mystery and of course, Uncanny X-Men! Music by Steve Earnhart and Florence + The Machine!

Kieron’s twitter: twitter.com/kierongillen
Kieron’s website: kierongillen.com
Adam’s twitter: twitter.com/adamwitt
Adam’s podcast: comicswillbreakyourheart.tumblr.com

The Mighty Thorcast Episode 4 – Comics and More

Once again Teri and Ed gather to talk about the past happenings with Thor. This episode we cover Journey into Mystery (1952) issues 87,88 and 89 as well as share and discuss our first listener e-mail (Thanks Wusheng).

Sit back, relax and enjoy this episodes Kirby light discussions.