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Marvel Noise Episode 173

Welcome to Episode 173 of Marvel Noise. While your host is off fighting the good fight, Derek Coward (who didn’t bother to introduce himself) tries to fill his shoes. Luckily, Steve and Kevin save the day with another look around the Marvel U. Derek returns to ramble endlessly about making his son a comic book fan.

Music by Sharon Jones and the DAP Kings. And Warren Zevon.

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Marvel Noise Episode 168

This week Steve, Andrew, and Dave K tackle Daredevil Marvel Masterworks vol.1 while our host talks about Amazing Spider-Man, Daredevil, and Uncanny X-Force. And we explain our upcoming schedule changes.

Music by Frank Zappa with vocals by The Turtles then Napoleon Murphy Brock.

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Marvel Noise Episode 162

In this episode: Pat talks about Uncanny X-Force 19.1 (heavy spoilers and Pat writes that tissues may be needed), Andrew’s latest Bark at the Moon (for real), and Steve and Kevin return with a stroll around the Marvel Universe while our host brings up The Punisher, The Defenders, and Avengers: X-Sanction.

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Marvel Noise Episode 160

Steve and the Handsome Monkey King! Pat and his picks! And our host asks you to get the free digital Marvel Holiday Special and talks about PunisherMAX, Legion of Monsters, and Fantastic Four 1234.

Featuring the song ‘Stream of Thought’ by Alain Galarneau.

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Marvel Noise Episode 155

Picks from Pat! Smash Tales! Andrew Shaw, Moon Knight’s number one fan! Steve talks Iron Fist! And our host rambles on about the new Daredevil series, Fear Itself, and X-Men: Schism.
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