Comic Book Noise 776: Syaf and Wonder Woman Projections

Host Derek Coward talks about the recent controversy surrounding Ardian Syaf as well as projections about the box office for the upcoming Wonder Woman movie.

Wonder Woman movie poster

Geek Brunch 257 – The First Con Table

Mike and Bill discuss Monstress #1-6, Trees #9-14, Once our Land 1-2, Powerless #1, Heathen #1-2, Daredevel #500, Jessica Jones (TV), 20th Century Ghosts, Contracted, Neon Demon

DC Weekly Reads 26 – Space Ghost

Join Mike and Darrell as they discuss Flash Vol 2 #49-51, Legion of Super-heroes #297, Green Lantern/Space Ghost Special #1, Star Trek/Green Lantern Vol 2 #3, Kamandi Challenge #3, Titans Annual #1, Batgirl #9, Suicide Squad #14

KomicsKast: Volume 2 episode 1

Yeah, kind of kidding, if anything this may be volume 4 or 5 since I’ve disappeared for long periods before. But I hope maybe I’m on the “rebound” and you’ll actually get some podcasts from me now and then! 

Indie Comic Book Noise Episode 398

The guys fire off about the Topps Kirbyverse, Psychic Girl, Fist Fight Funnies, The Tick, a few recent Wally Wood hardcovers, Image Comics’ 25th Anniversary and much more….enjoy! #ICBN398 @indiecomicbookn

Geek Brunch Retro-cast 86 – Profit or Prophet

Join Mike, Chris and Rob as they discuss Repulsion, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Audition, Tingler, Rosmarie’s Baby, What If Vol 2 #10, Prophet Vol 1 #5, Brave and the Bold #106, Batman #186, Ghost Rider #46-47, Mask Vol 2 #1 (DC)

BOOM! Addiction – Vol.2 Episode 11


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Welcome back to the show!

This episode we catch up with some news from BOOM! Studios. We look back and WonderCon and the panels BOOM! Studios hosted. We get into the upcoming “Terror of the Planet of the Apes” archive collection that is coming in August. 

We then spend some time looking at WWE #3, LUMBERJANES #36, JOYRIDE #11, and BACKSTAGGERS #8.

We hope you enjoy! Tell your friends, and don’t forget to listen for this month’s contest code word. 


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Music – “Infinity Guitars” – Sleigh Bells


Comic Book Noise 775: Very Quick Thoughts On Uncanny X-Men Annual #5

Host Derek Coward gives a quick episode on the fifth annual of the Uncanny X-Men, guest starring The Fantastic Four.

Uncanny X-Men Annual #5

Indie Comic Book Noise Episode 397

Steve, Phil, Andrew & Kevin sound off about Tales From the Dank Side (golden frog press), Tim Molloy’s It Shines & Shakes & Laughs (milkshadow press), Vampirella 0 (dynamite), Invincible 133 (image), Attack on Titan, Peter’s Muscle, Vampblade, Tomboy 9 (action lab), Punch to Kill (pizza party), Aliens: Defiance (dark horse), Incinerator (secret headquarters), John Carter: The End (dynamite), Anger (killer ‘toons), The Individual Darwin (killer ‘toons), Duck Avenger 1 (idw), The Horsehead Killer, Death Be Damned (boom!), and Dave Stevens’ Complete Sketches & Studies (idw)….Enjoy! #ICBN397 @indiecomicbookn

Comic Book Noise 774: The Failure of Diversity

Host Derek Coward talks about Mass Effect Andromeda, Rick and Morty, Legion, Dark Matter, and why Marvel’s push for diversity has failed.

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