Geek Brunch 255 – Just suck it

Join Mike and Bill as they discuss Animosity #1-4, Animosity: The Rise #1, Agents of PACT #1, Freelance #1, Royal City #1, Extremity #1, Savage Things #1, Man up, Logan, Arrow, Blackish, This is Us.

Comic Book Noise 771: X-Men Apocalypse, Netflix, Pie, Directors, Punisher vs Bullseye, and The Pact

Host Derek Coward answers questions and discusses Punisher vs Bullseye and The Pact.

Punisher vs Bullseye #1 cover

BOOM! Addiction – Vol.2 Episode9


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Welcome back to the show!

We’re back from a week long break and roaring to go with a brand new episode! This episode we discuss the launch of BRAVE CHEF BRIANNA #1, the conclusion to the crossover that everyone should have read with BIG TROUBLE IN LITTLE CHINA / ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK #6, the amazing debut of GRASS KINGS #1, and more fun sci-fi with PLANET OF THE APES / GREEN LANTERN #2. Ed continues his look back at DEAD RUN with Issue #2 in this episode’s “Throwback” segment.

We hope you enjoy! Tell your friends, and don’t forget to listen for this month’s contest code word. 


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Music – “Kings Never Die” – Eminem w/ Gwen Stefani


DC Noise 304 – Netflix Challenge is Back

Join Mike, Keith and Darrell as they are back with more shenanigans

Marvel Noise Episode 290

Et tu, Yu Ti?: While The Bunker is without power, Andrew & Kevin cover new Elektra, Kingpin, & America Number 1 issues as well as the first 4 parts of the Spider-Gwen/Miles Morales crossover before Steve gets his lights on and joins in for the epic Power Man & Iron Fist 66-75! #MarvelNoise290

The Mighty Thorcast 146 – Thori Murders, Fafnir Defeated and The Last Viking.

This episode hosts Teri and Ed continue detailing Simonson’s run with discussions of The Mighty Thor(1966) 342 and 343 and Unworthy Thor 4.

Geek Brunch Retro-cast – Get Your Man Contest

Join Mike and Chris as they discuss Cloak and Dagger, Peter Porker Spectacular Spider-Ham #2, Elektra (1st Ongoing) #1-4, Punisher Vol 2 #21, Checkmate Vol 2 #6-7, Young Romance #189, Batgirl Vol 1 #8-9

Comic Book Noise 770: Post Larsen Spawn, Civil War II 1-4, and Marvel Omnibuses

Host Derek Coward kicks off the weekend show by thanking the donors to the show, then talks about Spawn after Erik Larsen left the book, gives his impressions of the first four issues of Civil War II, then answers the question “If Marvel is dumping their omnibuses so often, is it a successful format?”

Lords of Order 87

Host Ed Takes us through another Golden Age appearance of Dr Fate from More Fun Comics (1986) #85.

Comic Book Noise 769: Top Five Cold Based Characters

Host Derek Coward talks about the start of the Patreon campaign and gives his top five favorite cold based characters.

Captain Cold