Mike M’s DC Spotlight 1 – Superman/Garcia-Lopez

The debut episode where Mike gets to have a monthly spotlight. For the month of February it will be Superman.
Mike talks about Superman and Superman 301-302, 307-309.


Comic Book Noise 820: Black, Dragon Ag Knight Errant, TV shows, Kingsman, and Attack on Titan Part Two

Host Derek Coward talks about comic book trades (such as Black: Kickstarter Edition and Dragon Age: Knight Errant), TV shows (such as Supergirl, Arrow, Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD, Lucifer, The Flash, Black Lightning, and Marvel’s The Runaways), movies (such as Kingsman: The Golden Circle, Gantz: O, and Attack of Titan, Part Two), and the things he’s reading for future episodes.
Gantz: O

Geek Brunch 271 – In Search for She-Dragon

Join Mike and Bill on Superbowl Sunday as they discuss DCBS orders from 2006, The End oft he Fucking World, Days of Hate #1, Sleepless #1, Judas #1-2, Kong on the Planet of the Apes #1, Slots #1, Jughead The Hunger #1, The Archies #1-2, Kevin Saves the Worlds, Paradiso #1, Assisinitas #1, Gravetracers #1, The Wild Storm #1-6, Batman: The White Knight #1

Mike M’s Weekly Reads 72 – Royal City

Join Mike as he discusses many listener questions and then gets into the weekly reads for 03/06/2017- 03/12/2017.


Lords of Order 102

Host Ed Moore continues his coverage of the Golden Age adventures of Dr Fate this one from More Fun Comics (1936) issue 94.

Mike M’s Weekly Reads 71 – Road Trip with Super-heroes

Join Mike as he discusses some great listener questions and talks about reads for Week 02/27/2017- 03/05/2017.

Comic Book Noise 819: Mort Walker, Black, Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD, Attack on Titan, and more

Host Derek Coward talks about the death of a cartooning legend, the latest comic book he is reading and why it is taking so long to get done, quickly goes over the tv shows he has been watching, gives his thoughts on the first of the Attack on Titan movies, and gives some insight into what he’s going to be talking about soon.

Supergirl and the legion of Super-Heroes

Geek Brunch Retro-cast 101 – Dart and Blackjack

Join Mike, Chris and Rob as they discuss Atari Force #2 and then discuss some of their favorite Super-hero teams and members.


KomicsKast – National Lampoon

This time out I babble on about a new Netflix movie biography about the founders and creation of the National Lampoon magazine.

I also Talk about Ed Piskor’s X-Men: Grand Design.

The Mighty Thorcast 152 – War Thor and Odin Lost

This episode hosts Teri and Ed discuss The Mighty Thor (1966) issue 353 and Mighty Thor (2015) issue 20.