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Ultra Friends GO! Episode 32 – Firetower Studios Strikes Back

Harold and Keith are joined by Charlie Harper and Alicia Whitley of Firetower Studios for the second half of their grand engagement. Somewhere in the background the spectral presence of Jeremy Whitley haunts the recording. They discuss the comic strips Ennui of the Dead, Crazy Normal, and Hot Interracial Marriage. Other subjects include comic books in the classroom and murdering beloved childhood icons. All this, and the perfect crime!

Ultra Friends GO! Episode 31 – Invaded by Firetower Studios

The Ultra Friends compound is invaded by an assault force from Firetower Studios, consisting of Jeremy Whitley, Jason Strutz, and Rich Lombardi. It’s an “interview” – and by interview we mean that we did a horrible job. It was fun though!

Ultra Friends GO! Episode 30 – The Zombification of Keith and Harold

Keith and Harold attempt 24 Hour Comic Day! This episode is a selection of updates from throughout the day as they slowly degenerate into shambling un-people, with Ryan and Dean periodically checking in on their states of mind (poor). Will they succeed? Listen and find out!

Ultra Friends GO! Episode 29 – The People Chained Up in Keith’s Basement Are Stirring

Join Harold, Dean, and Keith for another fun filled episode. Topics of discussion include food, the first round of DC’s new 52, Netflix news, The Expendables, and old school tough guys. A major announcement is made concerning the future of the Ultra Friends, and the boys reveal what their names would be if we were a hip hop crew. Oh, and Keith raps. Seriously.