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Teenage Wasteland Episode 87 – Action Lab Entertainment and Comic Talk

This time on Teenage Wasteland….

Special guest Shawn Pryor drops by to talk about some recent developments for PKD Media and his new role with Action Lab Entertainment. After that I go on to discuss a few recent reads as well as welcome Mr. Sandquist and his recent Sandbox installment.

Items Discussed: Grant Morrison: Talking with Gods, The 120 Days of Simon, ThunderAgents #1, Amazing Spider-man #648, Spider-man: Noir, The Order.

Teenage Wasteland Episode 85 – Green Lantern, Captain America, DV8 and More

This time on Teenage Wasteland…

It is an age old review episode as I have six books to chat about.

Books Include: Green Lantern #58, DV8: Gods and Monsters #6, Captain America #610, Knight and Squire #1, Weird War Tales #1, Unwritten #17

Teenage Wasteland Episode 84 – Reviews and J.T. Yost

This time on Teenage Wasteland…

I wake the show from its nap and get right down to business reviewing two recent reads and plugging some projects. I then introduce a special interview for this show with artist and writer J.T. Yost. J.T. has produced a handful of well-produced mini comics, and I am happy to bring him to you guys in this feature.

Also, Jeff brings it as he discusses Jason Aaron’s Punishermax.

Books Reviewed: Thor #615 and Proof #28

Teenage Wasteland Episode 83 – Wolverine: Weapon X and Punisher: War Journal

This time on Teenage Wasteland…

Plenty of reading has been accomplished, and I sit down to talk about two series staring characters I normally ignore. Plus, I discuss the first issue of Jason Aaron’s latest Wolverine story, and I am an issue behind on Daytripper. Oh, well?

And Sandquist!

Teenage Wasteland Episode 80 – The Flash, The Unwritten, Batman and More

This time on Teenage Wasteland…

A traditional episode. Four comic books with four reviews.

Books Mentioned
Batman: The Widening Gyre #1
The Executor
The Flash #4
The Unwritten #15

Teenage Wasteland Episode 79 – Norma Jean and SDCC Blurbs

This time on Teenage Wasteland…

I sit down and bring to you a review of Norma Jean’s latest album, Meridional. Also, Comic-Con International just wrapped, and a few news bits caught my attention.

And, Mr. Sandquist holds much excitement for Sam Kieth’s Arkham Asylum: Madness in the new Sandbox.