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Not Comic Book Noise: Rap

Not Comic Book Noise
Hey, Derek. It’s Carlos Cortez Not sure if this would be for I don’t know if it’s poppy like you suggested like we call and didn’t know if it works or music noise or whatever anyways. I just thought I’d give it a try so my brother’s currently on the rapper, and his name is popped in and I listen to the album. I realize how much for your 93 Nissan when I first started swimming like to have any new patient View Cena nate it up to straighten you like you sean yes say yes, or no, and even if you don’t how you doing. I don’t know that this is dennis actually laughing underground Rafter. I know just your thoughts on it whether it’s positive negative However. I was just kind of like your opinion on it cuz I know you’re kind of those school hip-hop and stuff like that in the shop being at the big part of that kind of take care.

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Not Comic Book Noise Episode 12 – A Different Point of View

Even though Comic Book Noise is NOT a democracy, but rather a benevolent dictatorship, host Derek Coward has decided to let a dissenting opinion be heard. The host for this show is Steve Zinodas and the show name is Noob’s Views Episode 1. However, please remember that this is Not Comic Book Noise.

BTW: The real title is Noob’s Views 001 – Why I SALUTE Captain America