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Mike M’s Weekly Reads 50 – Intervention Aftermath

Join Mike as he discusses comics from Week 09/29/2016- 10/02/2016.

Mike M’s Collector’s Corner 4 – Darrell’s Digital Collection

Mike M’s talks with Darrell Taylor on Digital Collecting

Geek Brunch 257 – The First Con Table

Mike and Bill discuss Monstress #1-6, Trees #9-14, Once our Land 1-2, Powerless #1, Heathen #1-2, Daredevel #500, Jessica Jones (TV), 20th Century Ghosts, Contracted, Neon Demon

Geek Brunch Retro-cast 86 – Profit or Prophet

Join Mike, Chris and Rob as they discuss Repulsion, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Audition, Tingler, Rosmarie’s Baby, What If Vol 2 #10, Prophet Vol 1 #5, Brave and the Bold #106, Batman #186, Ghost Rider #46-47, Mask Vol 2 #1 (DC)

Geek Brunch 256 – Larson is the Man

Join Mike and Bill as they discuss Spawn #258-263, Punisher #20-25 Vol 1, Amerikarate #1, Spectacular Spider-man #64, 69-70, All Time Comics: Crime Destroyer #1, Doctor Strange #180-182, Fantastic Four #416, Epic Collections, I Don’t Feel at Home In this World Anymore, Death Race 2050, Wet Hot American Summer, Kong Skull Island, Hacksaw Ridge, Arrival, Get Out, Ender’s Game


Geek Brunch 254 – Image Revolution

Mike and Bill go over some great listener questions and discuss Doomed! The Untold Story of Roger Corman’s Fantastic Four, Image Revolution, Lego Batman, Masterminds, John Wick, Innovation, Continuity Comics, Jessica Jones, Renato Jones and the one percent #1-5, Curse Words #1, Cannibal #1, Dante #1, Moonshine #1, Rift #1, Dr. Crowe #1, Generation Zero #1, Sex Pistols, Sid and Nancy, Violent Femmes, Blackbird Raum Enjoy