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Comic Book Noise 773: The New 52 Supergirl #3 and #4

Host Derek Coward answers the question “What do you think about power sharing/absorbing/copying characters?” and talks about the third and fourth issues of The New 52 era Supergirl series.


Comic Book Noise 772: Marvel’s Iron Fist

Host Derek Coward talks about the death of Bernie Wrightson, and ‘Marvel’s Iron Fist’ from Netflix.

Colleen Wing being mean
Colleen Wing being mean

Comic Book Noise 771: X-Men Apocalypse, Netflix, Pie, Directors, Punisher vs Bullseye, and The Pact

Host Derek Coward answers questions and discusses Punisher vs Bullseye and The Pact.

Punisher vs Bullseye #1 cover

Comic Book Noise 770: Post Larsen Spawn, Civil War II 1-4, and Marvel Omnibuses

Host Derek Coward kicks off the weekend show by thanking the donors to the show, then talks about Spawn after Erik Larsen left the book, gives his impressions of the first four issues of Civil War II, then answers the question “If Marvel is dumping their omnibuses so often, is it a successful format?”

Comic Book Noise 769: Top Five Cold Based Characters

Host Derek Coward talks about the start of the Patreon campaign and gives his top five favorite cold based characters.

Captain Cold