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Comic Book Noise 779: Upcoming X-Movies, Plastic Man, and Shared Universes

Host Derek Coward thanks the patrons of the show before talking about some possible files from Fox related to the X-Men Cinematic Universe, the origin of Plastic Man, Titans #10 featuring the Fearsome Five, and finishes by asking the question “How closely tied does a shared universe have to be?”

Police Comics #1 (1941)

Comic Book Noise 778: Impulse, LSH, The Hulk, and Pinky and The Brain

Host Derek Coward talks about why he no longer does the Random Comic Reviews before he talks about four comics he pulled randomly from a short box: Impulse 10 and 11, and Incredible Hulk 438 and 440.
Comic Book Noise 778

Comic Book Noise 777: A Fix For April’s Foolishness Day?

Host Derek Coward talks about a possible fix for April’s Foolishness Day “jokes” – the truth.
Deathstroke's New Team

Comic Book Noise 776: Syaf and Wonder Woman Projections

Host Derek Coward talks about the recent controversy surrounding Ardian Syaf as well as projections about the box office for the upcoming Wonder Woman movie.

Wonder Woman movie poster

Comic Book Noise 775: Very Quick Thoughts On Uncanny X-Men Annual #5

Host Derek Coward gives a quick episode on the fifth annual of the Uncanny X-Men, guest starring The Fantastic Four.

Uncanny X-Men Annual #5

Comic Book Noise 774: The Failure of Diversity

Host Derek Coward talks about Mass Effect Andromeda, Rick and Morty, Legion, Dark Matter, and why Marvel’s push for diversity has failed.

My Workspace

Comic Book Noise 770: Post Larsen Spawn, Civil War II 1-4, and Marvel Omnibuses

Host Derek Coward kicks off the weekend show by thanking the donors to the show, then talks about Spawn after Erik Larsen left the book, gives his impressions of the first four issues of Civil War II, then answers the question “If Marvel is dumping their omnibuses so often, is it a successful format?”