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Comic Book Noise 784: Justice #1, Phaze #1, and Green Hornet #29

Host Derek Coward talks about Justice #1 (the New Universe one), Phaze #1, and Green Hornet #29. If you think he stays completely on topic, Welcome, this must be your first episode.
Phaze #1

Comic Book Noise 783: My Plans For Father’s Day 2017

Host Derek Coward talks about his plans for Father’s day in 2017.
Watchmen RPG

Comic Book Noise 780: Iron Fist as a Romance

Host Derek Coward talks about Gail Simone’s theory about the problem with the latest Superman movies and why he is one of the few who likes the Iron Fist Netflix show.

Danny and Colleen

Comic Book Noise 779: Upcoming X-Movies, Plastic Man, and Shared Universes

Host Derek Coward thanks the patrons of the show before talking about some possible files from Fox related to the X-Men Cinematic Universe, the origin of Plastic Man, Titans #10 featuring the Fearsome Five, and finishes by asking the question “How closely tied does a shared universe have to be?”

Police Comics #1 (1941)