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Marvel Noise Episode 298

Steve & Andrew give the skinny on the Machine Man by Kirby & Ditko Complete Collection, the guys blow through the Siege issues of Thunderbolts, plus new sketches, E3, LEGO, Marvel Universe Live!, Marvel Legends figs, a preview of the Fringe Festival, and more! #MarvelNoise298 @marvelnoise

KomicsKast Vol 2, episode 2 – Where I’m at.

I haven’t done a KomicsKast in a while so I thought I’d catch you up with where I am, and what I’m doing, comics wise. 

Marvel Noise Episode 297

Steve rips off some recent reads with Carnage 1-16, Secret Empire 3, & (She-)Hulk 1-6 before Andrew & Kevin join in to cover Power Man & Iron Fist 85-92! #MarvelNoise297

DC Noise 307 – Late Night Chocolate Rain

Join Mike, Darrell, and Keith as they discuss Maximum Ride, Tank 432, Mifune: The Last Samurai, and King Arthur: The Legend of the Sword

Comic Book Noise 785: Heroes Con 2017 Preview

Host Derek Coward and his guest host, Dave Slusher of The Evil Genius Chronicles, talk about their plans for the 2017 version of Heroes Con.
Heroes Con logo

Marvel Noise Episode 295

Steve, Kevin, and for a short while Andrew take on current & solicited collections, Marvel U Moms, Marvel’s FCBD 2017 offerings, more new No. 1 issues, Rocket Raccoon vs Kraven, upcoming Marvel television teasers, the current state of the X-Men, and a brief history of the Marvel Noise Podcast…a lot of effort went into salvaging the out of sync audio levels on this one….enjoy! #MarvelNoise295 @marvelnoise