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Marvel Noise Episode 303 – 10 Year Anniversary!

Our 10 Year Anniversary Episode: David joins Steve (it HAD to happen!) to reminisce about the early days of the House That DAP Built, as well as their shared love of inkers, then wwxKev & Andrew report on their trips to FanExpo Canada and the Long Beach ComicCon before Steve and Kevin mull over the recent Venom, Nova, and Thanos series, plus recent waves of 6″ Marvel Legends figures and an Anniversary Montage 10 years in the making….Enjoy! #MN303 @marvelnoise

Marvel Noise Episode 302

Our host reveals recent reads (Back Issue 95, Secret Empire 10, and a plethora of Guardians of the Galaxy) before Andrew & wwxKev join in to talk Marvel Television (The Defenders, Marvel’s Spider-Man ‘toon, and Andrew’s trip to the L.A. premiere of The Inhumans!). Steve wraps up the episode by telling the guys about some new Kirby-related publications, Mark Waid’s current Avengers run, and recent issues of Uncanny…. #MN302 @marvelnoise

Comic Book Noise 809: Marvel’s Version of the Suicide Squad

Host Derek Coward talks about the characters he would use as Marvel’s version of the Suicide Squad.

Doom Patrol and Suicide Squad one shot

Not Comic Book Noise: First Day of School 2017

Host Derek Coward talks about the first day of school for his son Stephen.

Comic Book Noise 808: New Hanna-Barbera Books From DC

Host Derek Coward talks about the new Hanna-Barbera books announced by DC.

The Jetsons

COMIC ADDICTION – EPISODE 133: Spending Time With Marvel


Welcome back to the show!

This episode I spend some quality time with Marvel Comics and see if I’ve been too harsh on them over the last few years. I talk about DAREDEVIL as a whole, X-MEN: BLUE #9, INVINCIBLE IRON MAN #10, and ASTONISHING X-MEN #1-2. 

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