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BOOM! Addiction – Vol.2 Episode 12


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Welcome back to the show!


This episode quickly dives into the obscure as Ed learns all about Chris’s NASCAR past. After that things get back on track and the guys dive into the news about some upcoming titles now that solicitations are available online. And then – REVIEWS!

We hope you enjoy! Tell your friends, and don’t forget to listen for this month’s contest code word. 

Don’t forget to check out Ed’s recommendation, Daddy Mojo’s all-ages podcast for some for some additional BOOM! Studios love –


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Comic Book Noise 779: Upcoming X-Movies, Plastic Man, and Shared Universes

Host Derek Coward thanks the patrons of the show before talking about some possible files from Fox related to the X-Men Cinematic Universe, the origin of Plastic Man, Titans #10 featuring the Fearsome Five, and finishes by asking the question “How closely tied does a shared universe have to be?”

Police Comics #1 (1941)

Lords of Order 90

This episode host Ed Moore gives us his thoughts on More Fun Comics 87 from January 1943.

Marvel Noise Episode 293

Steve, Kevin & Andrew are back! Steve catches up on Star Wars 21-30, Andrew opens a pack of Marvel Cards from the ’90s, and then the guys soak in Power Man & Iron Fist 76-84, which finishes up writer Mary Jo Duffy’s run on the title…Enjoy! #MarvelNoise293 @marvelnoise

Comic Book Noise 778: Impulse, LSH, The Hulk, and Pinky and The Brain

Host Derek Coward talks about why he no longer does the Random Comic Reviews before he talks about four comics he pulled randomly from a short box: Impulse 10 and 11, and Incredible Hulk 438 and 440.
Comic Book Noise 778

The Arachnacast of Justice 002

Host Ed Moore walks us through his impressions of the Tick first issue from New England Comics in June 1988.

Comic Book Noise 777: A Fix For April’s Foolishness Day?

Host Derek Coward talks about a possible fix for April’s Foolishness Day “jokes” – the truth.
Deathstroke's New Team

Comic Book Noise 776: Syaf and Wonder Woman Projections

Host Derek Coward talks about the recent controversy surrounding Ardian Syaf as well as projections about the box office for the upcoming Wonder Woman movie.

Wonder Woman movie poster

DC Weekly Reads 26 – Space Ghost

Join Mike and Darrell as they discuss Flash Vol 2 #49-51, Legion of Super-heroes #297, Green Lantern/Space Ghost Special #1, Star Trek/Green Lantern Vol 2 #3, Kamandi Challenge #3, Titans Annual #1, Batgirl #9, Suicide Squad #14

KomicsKast: Volume 2 episode 1

Yeah, kind of kidding, if anything this may be volume 4 or 5 since I’ve disappeared for long periods before. But I hope maybe I’m on the “rebound” and you’ll actually get some podcasts from me now and then!