Indie Comic Book Noise Episode 357


Steve, Andrew, Phil, and Kevin are back again covering recent indie reads, including High Moon (bottled lightning/, The Dead Don’t Die 1 (working class press), Sadman (, Creature Cops – Special Varmint Unit 1 (idw/comics experience), Dusu: Path of the Ancient 1 (stranger comics), Basileus 1 (, Master Keaton 1 (viz), The Living Dead 1 (image), Squarriors 1 (devil’s due), Crossed 2014 Special (avatar), Army of Darkness 1 (dynamite), Escape From New York 1 (boom!), The Valiant (valiant), Tales From Oz 1 (zenoscope), Red Sonja 1 (dynamite), The Nameless 1 (image), Pigeons From Hell (dark horse), The Strain (dark horse), Skies of Fire (mythopea), and Conan & the People of the Black Circle (dark horse)!

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