Loikamania 142: Jai Nitz

Episode142_JaiNitzThis week, Pat is joined by writer Jai Nitz. On the eve of the release of his new Dark Horse comic, Dream Thief, Pat and Jai recount the road that took him to this accomplishment. We go over his beginnings as a comic reader, from being a fan, and how effective networking at conventions brought him to where he is today. We talk about his many collaborations, including his current pairing with artist Greg Smallwood.

A fun, revealing chat on the creative process and what it takes to break into the comics biz, so check it out! And be sure to give Dream Thief # 1 a try, because it’s a great read!

Music by the Revengineers and SIMS. Cover illustrated by Greg Smallwood, design by Chris Maze.
Jai on twitter: @JAINITZ1
Jai’s website: jainitz.com
Get a copy of Dream Thief # 1 HERE.

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