Doughnuts and Top Cow Episode 38 – Witchblade 150

It is the end of an era . . . Ron Marz finishes his historic run on Witchblade with issue 150.  At 71 issues, he has had the longest run on Top Cow’s flagship title.  Josh and John take a look at the book, pointing out why every Top Cow fan needs to pick it up.

We enjoyed Apple Cider Cake Doughnuts from Copp’s Grocery Store this episode.  There’s also some exciting news about the doughnut scene in Madison for 2012.

Music on this episode is “Donut Man” by the Dickies.  Podsafe music courtesy of MusicAlley.  Check them out and buy the track, if you’re so inclined.

Thanks, as always to Westfield Comics for their support.