Scotch and Comics Episode 002: Make Mine A Double

In this second episode of Scotch and Comics, host Devin R Bruce takes a little bit of time to talk about one of his new favourite Scotch varieties, then dives headfirst into the newly-relaunched (don’t call it a reboot!) line of DC Comics titles. After going through The Good, The Bad, and The Questionable, he then cleanses the palate with some decidedly darker non-superhero fare featuring Joe Casey & Steve Parkhouse’s The Milkman Murders, Rafael Grampa’s Mesmo Delivery, and Kody Chamberlain’s Sweets.

NOTE: The DC Universe talk features a spoiler for Nightwing #1 at about the 27 minute mark, so if you want to keep your reading experience relatively pure the rest of the reviews start at about 32:20.

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