Doughnuts and Top Cow Episode 21 – We Turn Legal and Read “21!”

Josh and John get overloaded on sugary goodness known as Krispy Kreme Original Glazed Doughnuts and dive into the classic 1996 Top Cow series “21.”  This is a 3-issue miniseries, co-plotted by Marc Silvestri and Len Wein and pencilled by Billy Tan.  Join us on this blast into Top Cow’s past as we turn 21 ourselves!

Music on this episode is “Donut Man” by the Dickies.  Podsafe music courtesy of MusicAlley.  Check them out and buy the track, if you’re so inclined!

Doughnuts this week were from the recently opened Krispy Kreme in Middleton, Wisconsin.  Hot Donuts Now, baby!

Thanks, as always to Westfield Comics for their support