Geek Brunch 130: The One Where Micah Forgot

In this episode of Geek Brunch Micah forgets just about everything. Mike remembers that he read through a long run of Amazing Spider-Man as well as a few IDW titles. Bill Remembers that he went through his usual batch of first issues. These include Carbon Grey, Jennifer’s Blood, New York Five, Intrepids, and Sherlock Holmes Year One. He also stepped out on a ledge and tried Detroit Metal City v2. Micah doesn’t remember what he read. Maybe the first three issues of Transmetropolitan, but we’re not entirely certain. Bill and Mike remembered what movies they watched, Micah maybe did. Maybe he didn’t. The problem we have is that the people that actually remember aren’t the ones writing the show notes. It’s okay. So, your best bet is to listen to the episode and be wowed by our insightful commentaries.