Doughnuts and Top Cow Episode 6 – Why Top Cow?

Josh and John tackle the truths and rumors surrounding the Top Cow books. Is there a House Style? Does Top Cow live up to its reputation? Or are they much more than that?

We kick around the answers, along with feedback from listener Russ Hagan, quotes from Top Cow Publisher Filip Sablick, and friend of the show Lenny Cooper.

Here are some links to enhance your enjoyment! We talked about the series Fell (I know, not Top Cow, but it comes up), Madame Mirage, Down, and Wanted.

Doughnuts this week are excellent. They come from Lane’s Bakery in Madison, Wisconsin.

Music on this episode is “Donut Man” by the Dickies. Podsafe music courtesy of MusicAlley. Check them out and buy the track, if you’re so inclined!

Thanks, as always to Westfield Comics for their support!

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