Mike M’s Weekly Reads 34 – Some Black Magick

Mike M goes over books for 05/16/2016- 05/22/2016

1-A 16

Comic Book Noise 723: Geoff Johns For President

Host Derek Coward talks about the recent promotion for Geoff Johns and what he hopes it means for DC.

Captain Universe By Ditko

Mike M’s Weekly Reads 33 – Secret Six

Join Mike as he talks about books for May 9th – May 15th


Comic Book Noise 722: Explanation

Host Derek Coward talks about the last episode of Comic Book Noise and how it almost didn’t get posted, World War 2 stories, Pearl Harbor, and Mark Waid.
JLA Year One

Comic Book Noise 721: Indecision

Host Derek Coward talks about the indecision he feels about this year’s Dog Days of Podcasting challenge, his disappointment with the Big Two, people who don’t answer the question asked, and the Fantastic Four.
Fantastic Four

Marvel Noise Episode 275

Andrew, Kevin and Steve cover New Thunderbolts 13-18 plus make some noise about Miss America?, Jessica Jones and the Purple Man, Spider-Woman, and Photo Covers. Then Steve and Kevin digest the new Marvel NOW! Preview teasers and mention Epic Collections and the Byrne Avengers Omnibus.

Geek Brunch Retro-cast 72 – Galactica

Join Mike and Chris as they discuss episode 1-3 of Battlestar Galactica 1978. They also talk Weird Western Tales #27, Ghost Rider (Vol 1) #1, Adventure Comics #306, Daredevil #91, Avengers #7, Three’s Company and Star Trek Next Generation.

27 1 306 91 7

Mike M’s Collector’s Corner Episode 3 – Bretall Collection

Join Mike M as he talks to Guinness Book of Records holder Bob Bretall.


ComicBookNoise720: Guardians Of The Galaxy 2

Host Derek Coward talks about the concept art for Guardians Of The Galaxy 2, Mantis, and epic storylines from the past.
Guardians Of the Galaxy Vol 2

DC Noise 297 – Bare Back Riding

Join Mike, Keith and Darrell as they discuss Heroes Con, Comics and TV. Chris Campbell also joins us for a bit in this marathon.