Loikamania 225: Schemes And Dreams

The tables are turned on Pat once again! This time, his good pal Howard Han interviews him and we discover how he got into art collecting, what IS it about comics that made him fall in love with the medium, and learn what he would do if he were running Marvel or DC. A fun show as always, so check it out! Cover design by Chris Maze, music by the [...]

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Geek Brunch 227 – Chair Humping

Welcome to Geek Brunch. Your hosts Mike and Bill discuss Heroes Con 2015, Justice League 3001 #1, Prez #1 , All Star Section Eight #1, Secret Six #2-3, Broken World #1, Titan [...]

Marvel Noise Episode 247

Dan, Andrew Shaw, and Kevin spotlight Marvel Unlimited and discuss what they have been reading on the digital service while Andrew, Kevin, and Steve talk about more Secret [...]

Geek Brunch Retro-cast 56 – Off Think

Mike and Chris dig into some listener questions, Heroes Con wrap up, Smash Comics #19, Police Comics #21, Crack Comics #19, Starslayer #10-11 (1st Grimjack), National Comics [...]