Mike M’s Weekly Reads 117 – Why are people cutting back?

Join Mike as he discuss questions from listeners and books from 10/15/18 – 11/04/18.

DC Spotlight 9 – Crisis on Infinite Laps with Plas

Join Mike and Kyle as they talk about Joe Kelly’s JLA #61-65, Plastic Man Vol 5 #4-6, and Hawkman Vol. 5 #4-6.

Geek Brunch Retro-cast 113 – Banditos

Join Mike, Chris and Rob as they discuss some favorite Christmas movies, Aquaman Vol. 1 #40, Sandman Mystery Theatre #17-20, Wasteland #16, Wonder Woman Vol. 1 #212, Alice Sweet Alice, Sgt. Rock #358, Superman #302, We 3 #1 and Men of War #3.

Marvel Noise Episode 323

On this Giant-Size Marvel Noise we take a look at the Immortal Hulk series, the first 2 acts of the Spider-Geddon event, share our thoughts on Stan Lee’s passing, and wrap up 15 years of Thunderbolts comics with issues 173-175! Enjoy! #MN323 @marvelnoise

Mike M’s Weekly Reads 116 – Comics Christmas

Join Mike as he discusses some listener questions and talks about weekly reads from 09/24/2018 – 10/14/2018.

Comic Book Noise 845: Savage Dragon and Dan Slott’s Fantastic Four

Host Derek Coward has trouble getting out of the gate for this episode and wanted you to experience the frustration with him, then he talks about Auphonic, Savage Dragon, depression, and the first two issues of Dan Slott’s Fantastic Four run.

Geek Brunch 288 – The Return of Brunch Buddy

Mike and Bill are joined by Rob Krygier and they talk a lot. about Haunting of Hill House, Dead Rabbit #1, Riptide #1, Hex Wives #1, Orge #1, Whispering Dark #1, Jook Joint #1, Mister Miracle #12, Billy the Kit #1, Nina and Ariel #1, House of Waxwork #1-2, Crowded #1, Poser #2, Edge of Spider-geddon #1, Sex Death Revolution #1, Ralph Breaks the Internet, House that Drips Blood, The Nesting, Unfriended: Dark Web, Searching, Creed 2, Manifest, Fear the Walking Dead.

DC Spotlight 8 – Take a walk on the Wild Storm

Join Mike and Kyle as they spotlight The Wild Storm #1-17, The Wild Storm: Michael Cray #1-12 and then visit a blast from the past with Booster Gold #1-6.


Indie Comic Book Noise Episode 413 – Flicking the Knob

…and were back with what Andrew calls a “teaser episode” with Kevin as they tackle a couple comics (Deathmate: Blue & Simpsons #245) and a few topics in that patented informal casual style.

Enjoy! Twitter: @indiecomicbookn

Comic Book Noise 844: Daredevil Canceled and Chronicle

Host Derek Coward talks about the recent cancelation of the Netflix series Daredevil, as well as his thoughts on the movie Chronicle.

Marvel’s Daredevil