Comic Book Noise 670: Updates, The Flash, and Interview Requests

Host Derek Coward gives a personal update, talks very briefly about The Flash, and mentions his policy on interview requests. This episode maybe should have been a Not Comic Book Noise episode, but fewer people actually listen to those.

Loikamania 242: John Paul Leon

Episode 242 John Paul Leon

For Pat, there are artists, and there are great artists…and there’s John Paul Leon. Pat chats with one of his dream guests about his career in comics, from his early days on Static, to his work on Earth X, and his incredible cover work. Plus, an update on JPL’s current project, Batman: Creature of the Night. For Pat, it doesn’t get any better than this.

Cover illustrated by John Paul Leon, design by Chris Maze.

JP on twitter: @johnpaulleon

Pat on twitter: @patloika
Pat on Instagram: @patloika

Comic Book Noise 669; Supergirl: For The Girl Who Has Everything (SPOILERS)

Host Derek Coward talks about the latest episode of Supergirl, titled For The Girl Who Has Everything. There are spoilers. Lots of them.
Supergirl For The Girl Who Has Everything

Comic Book Noise 667:Super Bowl 50’s Comic Book Commercials

Host Derek Coward talks about the comic book related commercials that aired during Super Bowl 50.

Geek Brunch 238 – Raspy

Join Mike and Bill as they discuss Replica #1, Twelve Reasons to Die, Bloodhound: Crowbar Medicine, Symmetry #1, Spider-Woman, Secret Wars #7-9, Weird Worlds #1, Limbo #2, Jessica Jones, CSI Cyber, The Martian, Revenant, Hateful 8, Just add Music