Comic Book Noise 735: Latest Shipment

Host Derek Coward talks about the latest shipment he received and other things that are going on.

Marvel Noise Episode 277


Steve describes his trip to this year’s BostonComicCon, then presents a slew of recent Star Wars comics before Kevin, Andrew and Steve keep the T-bolts train rolling through Civil War and the Grandmaster Saga with Thunderbolts issues 104-107! Off to BaltimoreComicCon…see you there!

DC Weekly Reads Episode 2 – Ultimate Sacrifice

Join Mike and Darrell as they discuss Wonder Woman #5, Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps #3, Hellblazer #1, Titans #2, Six Pack/Dog Welder #1, Action Comics #962, Flash 5, Blue Beetle Rebirth #1, Detective Comics #939, Deathstoke #1, Batgirl #2, Suicide Squad: Most Wanted #1

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Geek Brunch Retrocast 74 – McFarlane Spider-man

Mike and Chris talk about Battlestar Galactica 1978 Episode 5, Spider-man Vol. 1 #2-14, DC Comics Presents #76, Thor #383, Conan the Barbarian #1, Beep Beep Road Runner #13, Hawkman Vol 2 #1


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Comic Book Noise 734: The Disclaimer Is There For A Reason

Host Derek Coward unleashes a torrent of abuse on some anonymous listener of another podcast.

Comic Book Noise 733: Batman and The Outsiders and The New Teen Titans

Host Derek Coward talks about a new/old direction for the show, and somehow ends up talking about Batman and The Outsiders as well as The New Teen Titans.
BATO / NTT Crossover

Comic Book Noise 732: Captain America Steve Rogers #2

Host Derek Coward talks about Captain America Steve Rogers #2 and the stupid controversy surrounding the title.
Captain America Steve Rogers #2

Comic Book Noise 731: Suicide Squad: Rebirth #1

Host Derek Coward talks about Suicide Squad: Rebirth #1 and his own personal history with the team.
Suicide Squad Rebirth 1

DC Weekly Reads Episode 1 – It Begins

Join Mike and Darrell as they discuss books released on 8/17/2016 Batman #5, Batgirl Birds of Prey #1, Green Arrow #5, Aquaman #5, Suicide Squad #1, Nightwing #5 ,Superman #5,Supergirl Rebirth #1, Justice League #3, Harley Quinn #2, Batman #5, Green Lantern #5

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Comic Book Noise 730: The Cancellation of Invincible

Host Derek Coward talks about the impending cancellation of Invincible and shows how little he actually knows about Image Comics.
Invincible wins the fight.