Indie Comic Book Noise – Episode 389


It’s our Halloween/3rd year anniversary episode! Steve, Andrew, Kevin & Phil haunt Animosity (aftershock), Die Kitty Die (chapterhouse), The Occult Files of Doctor Spektor (gold key), Forbidden Tales vol.1 (forbidden panels), trades from doubletake comics, Tarot: Witch of the Black Rose (broadsword), Vile 1: The Coward’s Hole (study group), The Plot: The Secret Story of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion (w.w. norton & co.), Grimm Fairy Tales, Puppetmaster, Zombie Tramp & Vampblade Halloween Specials, The Simpsons Treehouse of Terror #22(bongo), Mind MGMT hardcover vol.1 (dark horse), The Dick Ayers Story: An Illustrated Autobiography vol.1 (mecca), memorable horror flicks, and more!



Comic Book Noise 752: Chelsea Cain, Mockingbird, and The Car Situation

Host Derek Coward talks about Chelsea Cain, the recent Mockingbird series of books, and gives an update on his car situation.


Marvel Noise Episode 281


It’s an all-Bronze Age Marvel Noise as Steve is first joined by wwxKevin and Andrew the LArabbit to cover Power Man 28-35, then Gerry McDade flies through the open window to join Steve indulging in Tomb of Dracula 22-31….Happy Halloween!



iTunes | Direct | Stitcher Welcome back to the show! The show is back, but what does that mean? What can you expect from the new show? All of that is answered inside this show… sort of. What you will hear is a rundown of everything coming out this week from BOOM! Studios. You can check out preview pages of all of the books talked about in this episode here on the site, too, by checking out THIS PAGE. As always, be a part of the show by leaving comments below or hitting me up on Twitter. Enjoy! Contact info: Web Site: Email Address: Twitter: Chris:

DC Weekly Reads 9 – Catwoman Murderer?

Mike and Darrell discuss Trinity #2, Superman #9, Suicide Squad Most Wanted #3, Raven #2, Nightwing #7, Justice League #7, Harley Quinn #6, Green Lanterns #9, Green Arrow #9, Dark Knight III: Master Race #6, Cyborg #3, Cave Carson #1, Batman #9, Aquaman #9



Lords of Order 77

Host Ed Moore catches up on the current volume of our favorite Lord of Order/Chaos via Doctor Fate(2015) 15.


DC Weekly Reads 8 – Deathstroke in Gotham

Join Mike and Darrell as the talk about books shipped 10/12/16. Action Comics #965, All-Star Batman #3, American Vampire Anthology #2, Batgirl and the Birds of Prey #3, Deathstroke #4, Detective Comics #942, Doom Patrol #2, Everafter #1-2, Flash #8, Gotham Academy #2, Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps #6, Lost Boys #1, New Super-man #4, Red Hood and the Outlaws #3, Suicide Squad #4, Supergirl #2, Superwoman #3, Wonder Woman #8

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Geek Brunch Retro-cast 76 – Drinking Ambrosia

Join Mike and Chris as the discuss Battlestar Galactica (1976) Episode 7 – Long Patrol, Listener Questions, All-Star Comics #8 (Wonder Woman Origin), Nth Man, The Ultimate Ninja #1, The Champions #2, Stalkers #1, X-O Manowar #1 Vol. 1, Blue Devil #7


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Ronin Rabbit 74

This episode host Ed Moore starts his coverage of Usagi Yojimbo(1996) from Dark Horse comics with issue 1.


Comic Book Noise 751: New Season of Comic Book TV Shows and Superman

Host Derek Coward talks about the new season of comic book TV shows, gives quick thoughts on The Strain, Lucifer, Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD, and Supergirl, then pivots to talk about the various incarnations of Superman,and gives his opinion on guys from Kansas.

Superman and Supergirl