Aug 22

Marvel Bronze Age 2.006 – The Sisyphean Podcast

Ed and Levi spoil Daredevil v1 62 and the Fantastic Four v1 96. Word of the Day and Quote of the Show are both free!

Daredevil #062 - 00 FF096_01

Aug 22

The Mighty Thorcast 107 – The Ring in Full Force

This episode Teri and Ed talk about The Mighty Thor(1966) 295 and 296 and Thor God of Thunder 24.

Thor_295_00 Thor 296-00fc Thor - God of Thunder 024-000

Aug 22

DC Noise Bytes – Futures End 11-15

Mike and CK go over New 52 Future’s End issues 11-15.


Aug 22

Comic Book Noise 362: Dog Days of Podcasting: Comic Book Universe Creation Mistake Avoidance

Host Derek Coward returns to answer the seemingly simple question “Lets say that you were to create your own comics universe; what mistakes would you be sure to avoid?” but as we know nothing is ever that simple.

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Aug 22

Loikamania 199: Guardians of the Galaxy Review

Episode199_GotG ReviewThis week, Pat is joined by Tini Howard and Chris Troy as we talk about the Guardians of the Galaxy movie! We talk about our favorite bits, the story, the performances, and of course, the soundtrack! Does this movie beat Pat’s vaunted Avengers streak? Find out here!

Cover art designed by Chris Maze and illustrated by Matt Ferguson.

Chris on twitter: @theANARChris

Tini on twitter: @TiniHoward
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Pat on twitter: @patloika

Aug 21

Comic Book Noise 361_2: Dog Days of Podcasting: Milestone Comics, Part Two

Host Derek Coward returns to talk more about Milestone Comics.

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Aug 21

Comic Book Noise 361: Dog Days of Podcasting: Milestone Comics, Part One

Host Derek Coward returns to answer the seemingly simple question “What are your thoughts on Milestone Comics?”, but things are never that simple.

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Aug 20

Geek Brunch Retro-cast 39 – Buck Orgy with Ardala

Join Mike and Chris with Special Guest Darrell Taylor as they discuss Buck Rogers in the 25th Century – Ardala Returns, Detective Comics 571, Avengers Spotlight #26, Justice League of America #111-113, Batman #316, Daredevil #235, Infinity Inc #2, New Teen Titans #251, Legends of the DC Universe #2-3


Aug 16

DC Noise 256 – The Valiant Podcast?

Join Mike, Darrell, Keith and special guest Chris Campbell as they discuss stuff.  download (4)

Aug 15

NoiseBoxx: Nine Year Anniversary Show

Host Derek Coward talks about the last nine years of the Deliberate Noise Network, and makes some really weird plans at the end. Not everyone involved with the Network was mentioned but that’s because he ran out of time and not affection for you all.

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