Oct 30

Comic Book Noise 385: Us Versus Them

Host Derek Coward returns with a talk about the comic book television shows he has seen this week (relatively spoiler free) and the stupefying continuation of the Us Versus Them mentality in comic book fandom.

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Oct 29

Comic Book Noise 384: A Little More About The Upcoming Superhero Movies

Host Derek Coward talks a little more about the upcoming superhero movies and goes into more detail about his excitement level.

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Oct 28

Comic Book Noise 383: Marvel Cinematic Universe Phase 3

Host Derek Coward returns with some meaningless conjecture and irresponsible speculation about the Marvel Cinematic Universe Phase Three.

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Oct 28

Indie Comic Book Noise Episode 351


It’s our 1 year anniversary at the helm of Indie Comic Book Noise, as well as our annual Halloween episode! Steve Raker, Andrew the LArabbit, Kevin whirlwindx and Phil bring some holiday-themed books to the table and discuss Hellboy (dark horse), Nightbreed (boom), Ghosted: The Haunted Heist (image), Hellraiser (boom), The Halloween Legion (dark horse), Snowpiercer vol.1 (titan), Red Rover Charlie (avatar), Ragemoor (dark horse), Revival (image), Black Science #8 (image), and Gary Gianni’s Monstermen & Other Scary Stories (dark horse)!

Oct 27

Comic Book Noise 382: Catching up on my Recent Reads

Host Derek Coward talks about the latest additions and subtractions from his reading pile.

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Oct 26

Marvel Noise Episode 230

Andrew and Kevin take a few detours as they cover Thunderbolts merchandising along with Thunderbolts #22, Captain America/Citizen V 1998 Annual, and Thunderbolts #0 (A free Wizard issue).
Plus, Steve, Kevin, Phil, and Andrew talk about first issues and favorite monsters.

Oct 25

DC Noise Bytes – Batman Eternal 22-24

Join Mike and special guest podcasting sensation from Geek Brunch Retro-cast Chris Ivey as they dig into Batman Eternal 22-24.


22 23 24

Oct 25

Comic Book Noise: Future’s End 01

Host Derek Coward returns with a look at the first issue of The New 52: Future’s End.

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Oct 24

Loikamania 205: Remembering the Bendis Board

Episode 205 Remembering the Bendis Board

Join Pat and many, many friends as they talk about the end of the Bendis Board, their online home for many years. They go over some highlights, some of the board’s more famous members, and so much more. We celebrate what made it such a great community during its time.

Thanks, Brian, and thank you, Jinxworld!

Pat on twitter: @patloika
Antonio’s twitter: @antoniopcuneo
Chris’ twitter: @fourthman
Mike’s twitter: @Michael_The_D
Tony’s twitter: @TonyFleecs
Ben’s twitter: @Ben_Rosen
Travis’ twitter: @travisholyfield
John’s twitter: @johnwordballoon