Oct 25

DC Noise Bytes – Batman Eternal 22-24

Join Mike and special guest podcasting sensation from Geek Brunch Retro-cast Chris Ivey as they dig into Batman Eternal 22-24.


22 23 24

Oct 25

Comic Book Noise: Future’s End 01

Host Derek Coward returns with a look at the first issue of The New 52: Future’s End.

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Oct 24

Loikamania 205: Remembering the Bendis Board

Episode 205 Remembering the Bendis Board

Join Pat and many, many friends as they talk about the end of the Bendis Board, their online home for many years. They go over some highlights, some of the board’s more famous members, and so much more. We celebrate what made it such a great community during its time.

Thanks, Brian, and thank you, Jinxworld!

Pat on twitter: @patloika
Antonio’s twitter: @antoniopcuneo
Chris’ twitter: @fourthman
Mike’s twitter: @Michael_The_D
Tony’s twitter: @TonyFleecs
Ben’s twitter: @Ben_Rosen
Travis’ twitter: @travisholyfield
John’s twitter: @johnwordballoon

Oct 24

Comic Book Noise 381: Lack of Diversity In The Big Two

Host Derek Coward returns to talk about the lack of diversity in the Cinematic and Comic universes of the Big Two comic book companies.

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Oct 23

Comic Book Noise 380: Gorgon, The Band Aid, Batman, and Pluto

Host Derek Coward returns (in a good mood) to talk about the newest character on the Avengers Alliance game he plays, some thoughts on DC’s upcoming Band Aid, a woefully underutilized character called Batman, Astro Boy, Pluto, and what reimagining means to him.

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Oct 22

Comic Book Noise 379: Griping About Kickstarters

Host Derek Coward returns to gripe about Kickstarters.

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Oct 22

Lords of Order 12

This episode host Ed Moore talks about Dr Fate’s smattering of adventures in Earth 2 issue 15.


Oct 19

DC Noise 260 – Ain’t Talking about the Linen

Mike, Keith and Darrell are joined by Bob Frantz to talk about the Linen.   Some Flash and Walking Dead spoilers



Oct 18

Indie Comic Book Noise Episode 350


Steve, Kevin, Andrew and Phil are back with more Indie Comics! Andrew relays his Long Beach Comic Book Show adventure, then the gang share Caliban (avatar), HectorPlasm (image), Climate Changed (abrams), Little Nemo – Return to Slumberland 1 (idw), Sheltered vol.2 (image), X-O Manowar & Shadowman (valiant), Man vs Rock vol.2 (manvsrock.com), Roche Limit (image), and Richard Sala’s Delphine (fantagraphics)! Enjoy!

outro: Neil Young w Pearl Jam ‘Song X’