DC Noise 306 – Sober Knights

Join Mike, Keith and Darrell as they discuss Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2, King Arthur and pick new Netflix movies Tank 432, Mifune the Last Samurai, and Maximum Ride

Comic Book Noise 783: My Plans For Father’s Day 2017

Host Derek Coward talks about his plans for Father’s day in 2017.
Watchmen RPG

Marvel Noise Episode 295

Steve, Kevin, and for a short while Andrew take on current & solicited collections, Marvel U Moms, Marvel’s FCBD 2017 offerings, more new No. 1 issues, Rocket Raccoon vs Kraven, upcoming Marvel television teasers, the current state of the X-Men, and a brief history of the Marvel Noise Podcast…a lot of effort went into salvaging the out of sync audio levels on this one….enjoy! #MarvelNoise295 @marvelnoise

Geek Brunch Retro-cast 87 – Peer Pressure

Join Mike and Rob as they discuss Namor #1, Tales to Astonish #13, Rocket Raccoon #1, All-Star Comics #58, Evil Dead II, Marvel Super-heroes #18

Geek Brunch 258 – Heshers and Burnouts

Mike and Bill return with Bills undercover mission at C2E2, Monika Vol 1, X-O Manowar 2017 #1, Grass Kings #1, Spenser and Locke #1, Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys: The Big Lie #1, Red Sonja #1, World Reader #1, Eleanor and the Egret #1, Underwriter #1, Sovereign #00, Train To Busan, Image Revolution

DC Weekly Reads 27 – Retro Marvel Talk

Join Mike and Darrell as they talk about Retro Marvel and then get into Batman #22, Green Arrow #22 and Batman/Shadow #1

Mike M’s Weekly Reads 52 – Atari Comics

Mike M discusses books for 10/10/2016- 10/16/2016.


Lords of Order 91

This episode host Ed Moore takes us back to More Fun Comics 88 as published in February 1943 to show us Dr Fate’s adventures.

Mike M’s Weekly Reads 51 – War that Time Forgot

Mike talks about books for Week 10/03/2016- 10/09/2016


Comic Book Noise 780: Iron Fist as a Romance

Host Derek Coward talks about Gail Simone’s theory about the problem with the latest Superman movies and why he is one of the few who likes the Iron Fist Netflix show.

Danny and Colleen