Comic Book Noise 692: Marvel’s Avengers Alliance Game Does Civil War 2

Host Derek Coward talks about the Marvel’s Avengers Alliance game and their version of Civil War 2.
Civil War 2

Mike M’s Weekly Reads 25 – Gotham on Top

Join Mike as he discusses books for 3/14/2016 – 3/20/2016


Comic Book Noise 691: Civil War Movie and Comic

Host Derek Coward talks about the upcoming Captain America: Civil War and the comic book it is hopefully loosely based on, as well as some DC Cinematic Universe stuff.

Captain America Winter Soldier Poster

Comic Book Noise 690: Your Guess Is As Good as Mine

Host Derek Coward talks about something. He originally recorded this episode, then realized his episode numbering was wrong, so he recorded episodes to fill the gaps and forgot what he talked about in this episode.

Marvel Noise Episode 269

Andrew, Kevin, and Steve go through Avengers/Thunderbolts 1-3 (2004), then Kevin and Dan cover Netflix and Marvel’s Daredevil, various Marvel shows (past and future), and a whole mess more. Spoilers abound!


So here we are, about a month since the final episode of the show, and there’s a part of me that misses this thing. This is all informed by the many encounters I’ve had with listeners, comics pros and others over the last month. There was a lot of love from a lot of people and I was overwhelmed, and grateful for all of it.

Comics is an incredible medium. It’s the perfect marriage of the written word and the drawn line. It’s a medium where your imagination is the only thing that limits you and there’s nothing too ridiculous or nothing too stupid to make work. Its fictional storytelling at its best, its an amazing way to retell our own life’s stories. And much like real life, the medium has some incredible contributors, writers, pencillers, inkers, colorists, letterers, editors, flatters and so many more. This podcast existed as a means to celebrate them all. From the interns getting their foot in the door, to the architects behind the biggest stories of recent memory. I’ve had them all here, and I love this industry for giving me all of this. Never forget to celebrate their contributions, however small or big they are, for each of these people serve an integral role in putting a story together.

This podcast gave me some of the best years of my life as a lover of this medium. It allowed me to speak with so many of these creators, and it even helped build friendships with many of them. At the same time, it also altered my perception on a lot of things in my life. Thank you all so much for being a part of that.

What’s next for me? Well, I’m looking into creating things. I’ve got a big photography project I’m focusing on over the next year, and I’m also looking to write comics again. I figured after all these years, I should put some of the things I’ve learned picking the brains of the industry’s best to good use. I also have something in the works for San Diego Comic-Con this year, I’ll update this page if it works out, but suffice to say, I’m aiming to hopefully have a panel reuniting some of our favorites on the show.

Finally, a couple of bits of advice: do not take your friendships and relationships for granted. Build them. Nurture them. Be a face, be a presence to others. Life is such a great thing when you surround yourself with great people. Over the last few years, I learned to really improve that aspect of my life. I’m a much happier person than I was before this podcast came to be.

And of course, this should go without saying: be the best version of you that you could be. That’s something Brian Bendis always writes, and it has always been one of those mantras that I always listen to. Be a good friend. A good child or parent. Be someone’s inspiration. Just be good.

Thank you all.


DC Noise 294 – Glass of Pee

Mike, Darrell and Keith are back and are joined by Shane from Down Under.




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Welcome to the 10.0 – The Aftershock Podcast!


This episode we dive right into the latest batch of #1s from AfterShock Comics with ROUGH RIDERS #1, JACKPOT! #1, and BLACK EYED KIDS #1.

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Lords of Order 69

This episode host Ed Moore discusses Dr Fates appearance in More Fun Comics(1935) issue 80.


Comic Book Noise 688: Deaths and Legion Of Superheroes

Host Derek Coward talks about the many deaths in The Legion of Super-Heroes.

Legion of Super-Heroes