Comic Book Noise 700: Thoughts on Comixology Unlimited

Host Derek Coward gives his thoughts on Comixology Unlimited, even though he doesn’t have all the details about it.

DC Noise 295 – Gotham by Gaslight

Join Mike, Darrell, Russ, and Chris as they chat before Gotham by Geeks. This is what gets edited out. Also you will get the end of the Valiant Podcast.


Comic Book Noise 699: Preacher

Host Derek Coward talks about the premiere of the AMC show Preacher, the Preacher comic book series, and other comic book series from that era.


Movie Noise: Captain America: Civil War Parking Lot Review

Host Derek Coward and his son Stephen talk about the 2016 movie Captain America: Civil War.
Captain America Civil War

Comic Book Noise 698: Thoughts on Captain America: Civil War

Host Derek Coward talks about his thoughts on the movie Captain America: Civil War.

Geek Brunch 242 – Comic Book Vending Machine

Join Mike and Bill as they discuss The Violent #1, 4 Kids Walk Into a Bank #1, Black Magick #1-2, Dept H #1, Micronauts #1, Black-eyed Kids #1, Old Man Logan #1-5 New Suicide Squad #1-14, Secret Six, Starve #1-5, Archer and Armstrong Audio Book, Fourth Planet #1, Civil War, Deadpool, Supergirl, The Muppets, Jessica Jones, Orange is the new Black, The Family 1 1 1-A 1



Let It Fly 32 – Superman American Alien

This week your host discusses Superman American Alien.

Superman American Alien

Lords of Order 71

This episode host Ed Moore brings us the All Star Squadron preview that appeared in Justice League of America(1960) issue 193.

jla 193-00fc

Let It Fly 31 – Darwin Cooke

In this episode your host discusses Darwin Cooke.

The Hunter

The Mighty Thorcast 136 – Goodbye Marguerite, Wait Where’s Jane? Not in Thor.

This episode Ed and Teri discuss The Mighty Thor(1966) 322, The Mighty Thor(2015) 6 and Angela Queen of Hel 7.

Thor_1983_#332_01 Angela - Queen of Hel (2015-) 007-000Mighty Thor 006-000