Dec 19

DC Noise Bytes – Batman Eternal 28

Mike goes over Batman Eternal 28


Dec 18

DC Noise Bytes – Batman Eternal 27

Mike goes over Batman Eternal 27



Dec 17

Comic Book Noise 414: Defending The Finches

Host Derek Coward talks about defending David and Meredith Finch and their run on Wonder Woman.

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Dec 16

DC Noise Bytes – Batman Eternal 26

Mike covers recent DC Cancellations and jumps right into Batman Eternal 26.


Dec 16

Comic Book Noise 413: DC Cancelations

Host Derek Coward talks about some upcoming cancelations of DC titles and answers whether or not he got Karnak.

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Dec 15

Comic Book Noise 412: Project Black Sky, Inhuman, and Karnak

Host Derek Coward corrects a mistake from the last episode about Project Black Sky, remembers the issue of Inhuman he wanted to talk about, and brings people up to speed on his Facebook game.

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Dec 15

Ronin Rabbit 40

Listen in as host Ed Moore discusses Usagi Yojimbo v1 issue 27 from Fantagraphics dated March 1991.

cover 27

Dec 15

Lords of Order 17

Host Ed Moore takes us back to Sepetmber 1940 for More Fun Comics 59 and the adventures of Dr Fate.


Dec 14

Geek Brunch 216 – Intersection with Tofurky

Mike and Bill talk about Intersect #1, Comic Book Men, Number One #1, The Humans #1, Rasputin #1, Dark Engine #1-3, Alice Cooper #1-3, Tooth and Claw #1, Ghost Fleet #1, Shaft #1, Punk Mambo #1, Klarion #1, Swamp Thing, Fantastic Four, Superior Iron Man #1, Finding Vivian Maier, Guardians of the Galaxy, Horrible Bosses 2, Afflicted

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