Jul 29

Comic Book Noise 550: Netflix and Movie News

Host Derek Coward talks about some recent news stories regarding the Marvel Netflix shows and updates on the Wonder Woman and Gambit movies.

Luke Cage will be played by Mike Colter, not Mike Colfer.
Luke Cage will be played by Mike Colter, not Mike Colfer.

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Jul 28

KomicsKast On The Fly: Comic Book Universes

I take the long way around (as usual) to talk about two of my favorite comic book universes, Invincible and Powers. I also discuss my new favorite comic shop (although I do most of my comic book buying from DCBS) Comics & More in the Plymouth Meeting Mall in Norristown PA.KK_OTF

Jul 28

Comic Book Noise 549: Enthusiasm Deficit

Host Derek Coward talks about how to find the shows taking part in the Dog Days of Podcasting challenge, why heartburn scares him, how he sees the differences between the comic book companies, and why he doesn’t like to start from the beginning.

He's also not a fan of car troubles.
He’s also not a fan of car troubles.

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Jul 27

Comic Book Noise 548: Request For Questions

Host Derek Coward talks about the Dog Days of Podcasting challenge and how it had changed the show. He also explains how he is going to handle the challenge this year and asks for questions.

He even gives an example of the type of questions he likes.
He even gives an example of the type of questions he likes.

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Jul 26

Geek Brunch Retro-cast 58 – Phoebe Cates

Mike and Chris discuss Superman #76, Hawkman Vol 3 #29, Wonder Woman #315, Cyberforce Vol 2 #1, Action Comics #241, Stormwatch #2, Listener Questions and Buck Rogers in the 25th Century Testimony of a Traitor







Jul 26

Marvel Noise 249

Your intrepid host is off this week fighting the good fight against those who deserve to be fought against. He leaves the show in the drunken hands of some fool who barely introduces the rest of the show. Luckily, Raker’s Raiders save the day with a discussion that includes SDCC, Ant-Man, Secret Wars #1, and Emperor Doom!

Jul 26

DC Noise 280 – The Trash Compactor

Join Mike, Darrell, Keith, Chris Campbell and Ryan Drost as they continue their Saturday Night Shenanigans


Jul 25

Lords of Order 39

The episode host Ed Moore gives his thoughts on the second issue of the newest volume of Dr Fate.

Doctor Fate (2015-) 002-002

Jul 25

Ronin Rabbit 54

This episode host Ed Moore discusses Tomoe’s Story from Usagi Yojimbo Color Special 1 published by Fantagraphics Books in November 1989.

Usagi Yojimbo Color Special 01-00 (Wezz)

Jul 24

Comic Addiction – Episode 127: Talking Around Comics

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Welcome back to the official podcast of ComicAddiction.net!

We are now proud members of the Comic Book Noise Family! Be sure to check out the network – http://comicbooknoisefamily.com/

Ed and Chris jump right into this episode with comic talk!

Ed explores a digital comic called HEX11 and talks about the first four issues. You can check out this series at HEX11’s web site – http://hexcomix.com/. He then takes some time to talk about IDW’s current run of Disney comics and why you should be reading them. He wraps up with an overall review of GOTHAM BY MIDNIGHT #1-6 and admits it’s the best thing he’s read all year.

Chris addresses his love of kaiju as he talks about ENORMOUS Vol.2 #1. He then breaks the ultimate rule – he talks about FIGHT CLUB 2. And then closes out the show with ARCHIE VS PREDATOR #4 and how hanging on to something ridiculous can pay off in the end.

Want to contact us? You can email us at comicbookaddict@gmail.com or find us on Twitter @ComicAddiction.

Find us on Twitter:

Ed (@TealProductions)
Peter (@TweetGeekSushi)
Chris (@ChrisPartin)

We appreciate you listening to the show.

Intro/Outro Music: “Welcome” by Fort Minor